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Marketing Automation

If multi-channel and cross channel marketing seems mysterious or overwhelming to you, you are not alone. With new technologies emerging every day, it is difficult for a business owner or marketer to stay on top of the game. Overcoming the technological barriers to implement multi-channel marketing is no easy task, but is a necessity for our increasingly online, offline, and mobile world and AMA Nystrom can help.

Let the team at AMA Nystrom help you design and execute an automated multi-channel campaign to reach your targets with multiple touches and engage the right person at the right time and the right place. Companies who invest in multi-channel marketing are reaping big rewards from stronger customer engagement and reduced competition.

Using two or more different marketing channels simultaneously to reach a customer can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. 66% of consumers responding to an offline advertisement visited the web site of the company advertised or a search engine to learn more, while only 14% called a phone number from the advertisement, the survey says. Source: Jupiter Research

Features & Specifications

  • Direct Personal Communications – direct mail, email, sms Leveraging important “unique” data about the person to create a personalized experience. This may include a quick response (QR) code taking them to a personalized url (PURL) landing page where you gather information in return for valuable content.
  • Mass Media – Radio, Television, Web Ads, Retail signage, etc.
  • Social Media – Facebook, Linked In, Twitter
  • The concurrent communications reinforce each other and are funneled into a single data collection point (the landing page).
  • The goal is to generate a dialogue with the respondent and gather intelligence for future communications. Tracking is key and each touch point can be tracked and scored in a customized dashboard for your campaign.

This type of campaign can be used to nurture and score prospects until they are ready to turn over to your sales department as sales ready leads. It is also useful to increase your engagement and ROI at trade shows – Let us show you how.