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Our goal is to offer a complete solution to our clients “under one roof”.


The final distribution of many printing projects is carried out by the US Postal Service. There is no need for you to struggle with manual sorting or hire a mail house to complete your project. AMA Nystrom will handle it seamlessly and professionally. From designs that fit postal requirements to list acquisition to presorted addressing and entry at USPS, rest assured that your project will complete on time and receive the maximum postal discount available.

Direct Mail it still has the highest response rate of any marketing medium, outperforming all digital channels combined. In fact, in a survey by USPS, 64% of Millennials prefer Direct Mail over Email.

This may directly impact your ability to generate leads and sales when targeting this generation of buyers, as Millennials prefer receiving print communications to reading from a screen. For additional details, download the eBook here.

AMA Nystrom offers a full array of services and formats for direct mail including Every Door Direct Mail, SNAP! plastic mailers, folded self-mailers and solicitations sent in envelopes. For any direct mail to perform well requires a combination of a compelling offer, the right target audience and a creative and appealing design. We have the perfect blend of secret sauce to make your direct mail a success.


  • SmartAddresser 2020 P.A.V.E. certified mailing software
  • Bell & Howell 6 pocket inserter
  • Kirk Rudy inkjet labeler and tabbing machine

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